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Generally Blogging: Konami Hates Abortion, A Gaian MMORPG, and moar!

Ah yes, it's one of those rare times that I've decided to post something. You know what that means: something new happened with Metal Gear Online. Actually, that something happened about a week ago with last week's maintenance period, but I was lazy that week.

Konami Hates Abortion

If you've played Metal Gear Online in the past few months(or, more importantly, looked at the stats page) you may have noticed that there is a withdraw rating stat that monitors how ofter you abort from matches.

Well, as of last tuesday, that stat actually accounts for something as Konami has implemented penalties to having too high a rating(and continuing to abort). Now after your rating rises to a certain point, you'll start to lose experience points(towards levels, not skills) in all modes and grade points if its survivial or tournament. There is also 10 and 30 minute bans from joining any new games depending on how severe your rating is. This week they also added new functionality that would allow you to keep your level when you create new characters. You can read all the details at the Metal Gear Online Official Site.

Pretty sweet, somewhat old, Nu Combo video

I actually found this video about a day after it was posted. Having watched it made me feel that my Nu handling skills were completely inferior and that I should just quit trying(I didn't). Most of the combos in that video aren't exactly practical for a real match due to them requireing one or two rapid cancels(or rather, 100% of the heat guage). Still, it's impressive to watch. BlazBlue has been talked about to death, so I'm going to just say that next time you're juggled helplessly by a skilled Nu's sword summoning, take some time to admire her graceful movements.

Monster Hunter Freedom United GET!!!

Yeah, I finally traded up to MHF Unite. It's awesome(save the same crappy camera controls of the PSP). It's really getting me more hyped for Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii which should be the greatest improvement evar. Umm...yeah now a video:

Yeah, this section is just an excuse to post this video of epic dodging skills, yo!!

GaiaOnline? An MMORPG!? ZOMG!!!

Recently, while browsing Destructoid I've noticed advertizements for GaiaOnline, a web forum with customizable avatars I use to frequent a few years back before it made me fear forums of all kinds with it's intense trauma.

Names blurred to protect real and virtual identities

Well, maybe it was GameFAQ's that had more to do with my forum trauma. ANYHOW...yeah, one of the Gaia ads caught my attention, this one being for something call zOMG. So after cheking it out, and logging into my old accounts(im surprised they kept them for the 5-some odd years since I quit), turned out that zOMG is the RPG/Combat system that they promised the user base back then. It's currently in an open beta phase, with only the first chapter pein completed. I'll write a more in depth analysis/review later, but if you want to check it out, just look for one of those adds on this site or just go to GaiaOnline.com. Here are some quick points to tide you over though:

-The game has a nice sense of humor. Example: the taunt skill involves flicking off the target enemy and yelling obsceneties at it.
-The graphics are pretty good for a browser based MMORPG. The animation of your own avatars aren't all that great, but the enemies look good.
-It's free to play, though there are some items in the shop that you have to pay real cash to get, though nothing in the shop is really necessary to enjoyment or completion of the game.
-Attacks/Skills and stats tied to in-game rings, so you could totally own, even if you're still wearing those peasants clothes.
-Oh, yeah, btw, there is an attack that lets you summon sharks to attack your enemies:

Picture of summoning shark to attack evil living buzzsaws. Awesome, no?
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