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I suck at games: The Middleman

So let's get one thing out of the way here: I don't suck at FPS games. A least, I'm not in the "noob" category that
so many people get worked up about in online games. As a matter of fact, I would consider myself to be in the
top half of FPS games that I play (Except for maybe TF2). So then why the hell am I writing a blog about why I'm
good at something instead of terrible? Well, it's something that has plagued me for a long time now:

I suck at getting better. I'm stuck in the middle, and I haven't been able to get better ever since I began seriously
playing online games back in the hay day of Halo 2.

Ever since I bought Halo 2 along with my first XBL, I've always been able to own players that are below me, but
when the competition ramps up, I was always left in the dust. This was a little alleviated when Halo 3 came out,
but even now I find myself still in the middle, even though I have been playing this game for years already.

Let's throw out some statistics: I've got almost 540 games won, with just a little over 100 lost. My record is better
than those of the majority of Halo 3 players, and I'm proud my record doesn't suck ass. However, what this
doesn't show is that a few of those losses were complete ownage at the hands of superior players. Most players
would agree that's is extremely frustrating to own one game, only to get obliterated the next, and it's this
inconsistency that I'm talking about in this article.

Most people will tell you that in order to be better at something, you need to practice. Well, I have given a lot of
my years to playing this game (Since 2003), and i haven't seen much improvement. I guess I must be doing
something wrong strategy-wise, but you'd think it would have made itself clear to me by now. Maybe I rush too
much? Perhaps, but that still nets me quite a few kills. it always seems that no matter how well I do, though, that
there is always that ONE guy that will mess it all up for me in the next game.

Anyone who plays Halo knows that some people can get a lot of Triples/Overkills, but then there are the guys
that can rack up Trocities/Kilimajaros. I always wished to become that good, maybe make a montage, and have
my name up there with all the Halo greats. It sucks to be the average guy, especially when it comes to gaming.
You always know where you stand and sometimes you're powerless to prevent getting owned, but sometimes
that's gaming. I'll always continue to play, but it seems that for the foreseeable future, I'll be playing it at level 36.
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