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Unofficial Destructoid Community Announcement: The forums will change the way you look at the Monthly Musings and give you more time in the spotlight


I did something tonight. I compiled every single Monthly Musing thus far written into a thread entitled Dtoid Forum Discusses: Monthly Musings: I suck at games, for your benefit. I know that the community blogs and the forums don't often cross pollinate, but this thread is relevant to your interests, trust me.

The thread will serve as an archive of every written Monthly Musing by community members, both promoted and non-promoted. Other than that, the thread will also serve as a discussion topic to help further this Monthly Musing into a more rapid-fire type of powwow. Once every few days, or once every week, I haven't decided yet, I'll highlight an overlooked Monthly Musing that I think could use some more attention and could help to spark more discussion.

Near the end of the month I might throw up a poll that includes each of the Promoted Blogs, and whichever one is chosen by the community will win swag, courtesy of yours truly. That's really all there is to it. Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you have any suggestions, throw them down there as well.

Also, you should totally read my monthly musing since I'm too shy and not enough of a dick to highlight it.
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