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After a year or so of following the crowd here, I think it's high time I get the formalities out of the way and introduce myself to the community! And what better way to do that than divulge random tidbits of knowledge to the internet? I certainly don't know any. And away we go...

That's me! And Satan, in karate-kicking feline form.

I'm Chesz, I'm 20 years old and have been a somewhat rabid game fan for as long as I can remember. It's always been difficult finding people that sympathize and share my passion, so I'm right glad I found this place!

You probably noticed the somewhat garish header image by now. I'm sorry. I promise once I come across a copy of Photoshop I'll whip something up a little more proper. That used to be my sig when I played Call of Duty 2 competitively for The Retro Gamers. I was one of the clan founders and leader of our Call of Duty 2 division for about 2 years, I think. Drama and bullshit finally caught up with us and led to our disbandment, but I still hear from the guys once in a while. It was a good run, for sure.

I am all about adventure games. Monkey Island is the game I credit with starting my love affair with PC gaming. I was in tears when they announced Tales and Secret Special Edition. True to my word, I bought every edition of the game available, and made my very first collectible purchase, in the Guybrush vs. LeChuck statue. If you haven't seen it, you should definitely check it out. Even if it is slightly unfaithful to the story.

With the death of all the local arcades here, I lost one of my guiltiest of gaming pleasures. Public DDR. It's not so hard to explain, but might be to understand if you've never had the experience. The lights, entrancing in their patterns, the music just loud enough to overcome the ambient noises of the fighting streets and dead houses, the crowd of awed onlookers, and the gentle hum of the box fan blowing the sweat from your brow. Those were the good old days. Now, it's pretty much a few rounds at home on StepMania with the old AfterBurner pad.

Well, I should probably wrap up before I start to ramble...further...have a gander at my collections to the right, and if anyone wants to throw down in some BF1943 or just about any PC game, hit me up sometime! Gamertag, PSN ID, Steam ID, all the same thing: FatherChesz. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for my next exciting blog: My Ghetto DDR setup!
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About FatherCheszone of us since 12:42 PM on 12.05.2008

Hey all, welcome to my meager corner of the Internets! The name's Chesz, hailing from the glitz and glamour of Smithsburg MD. I've always been a huge fan of anything videogame related, and I've amassed a healthy collection of over ONE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND titles so far. You can check out a mostly complete list here.

My PC:

Intel Core i7 920
eVGA GeForce GTX 480 (285 in Physx mode)
Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Edition
Seagate 1.5 TB SATA 3GB/sec HDD
Corsair HX1000 PSU

Games I currently care about:

3DS: Tom Clancy's Shadow Wars

iPhone: Angry Birds

PC: Prototype, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

PSP: :(

PS3: :(

360: Bad Company 2

Wii: :(

Retro: Mega Man (JP PS1 remake)

Games I'll always care about:

Monkey Island
Sonic (Damn your eternal grip on my soul...*sob*)
Metal Gear Solid
Legend of Zelda
Jak and Daxter
Megaman Legends

Probably some more. Work in progress!

Console Collection:

Magnavox Odyssey2
Mattel Intellivision
Atari 2600
Atari XE
Nintendo Entertainment System (x2)
Sega Master System
Super Nintendo
Sega Genesis (Model 1 and 2)
Sega CD (Model 1 and 2)
Sega 32X (x2)
Sega CDX (Woo!)
NEC TurboGrafx 16
Sega Saturn
Nintendo 64 (Black)(x2)
Sony PlayStation
Sony PSOne (with LCD screen)
Atari Jaguar
Sega Dreamcast (White)
Nintendo GameCube (Indigo)(and GB Player)
Sony PlayStation 2 Slim (Black)
Microsoft Xbox Halo Edition
Nintendo Wii
Sony PlayStation 3 60 GB (upgraded to 160 GB)DEAD X(
Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 120 GB and 320 GB (Move)
Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro (No HDMI) RED RINGED
Microsoft Xbox 360 Halo 3 Edition RED RINGED
Microsoft Xbox 360 S 250 GB (Kinect)
Microsoft Xbox 360 S Halo Reach Edition

Portable Collection:

Game and Watch (Donkey Kong, Mario Bros.)
Sega Game Gear (x2, Original (RIP) and Core)
Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Limited Ice Blue
Nintendo Game Boy Color (Purple)
SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color (Ocean Blue)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance (Platinum)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP NES edition
Nintendo Game Boy Advance Micro
Nintendo Game Boy Advance Micro Famicom Edition
Nintendo DS Lite Zelda Edition
Nintendo DSi (Black)
Nintendo DSi XL (Bronze)
Nintendo 3DS (Aqua Blue)
Sony PSP-1000
Sony PSP-3000 (Silver)
Sony PSPgo (Black)
Xbox LIVE:FatherChesz
PSN ID:FatherChesz
Steam ID:FatherChesz


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