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Mikey's Giant Art Dump

It's been a while since I last cblogged. A good while. I'm still alive, as the work I do on the Destructoid comic no doubt proves, but I guess I have neglected my old art blogging roots. So to make up for all the time I should have been here, I propose a huge unload of (mostly) all the stuff I've drawn in the last couple of weeks.

Are you ready?

Here it goes. (It's doing that thing where it stretches the images to a silly size again. D: Look through them on the gallery at the bottom for the proper resolution.)

First off, some character work done for the comic, I do these mostly for colour reference and the like, just to make sure things are kept somewhat consistent through the story. And let me tell you, trying to keep a story that's dictated purely by user comments is no small task.


I'm planning on drawing all the original 151 Pokemon... so here's hoping I'll get it done!

Whew... there we have it. Hopefully that'll make up for my absence. Those that follow me on Twitter may have seen most of these already, so feel free add me on there if you'd like. The main reason I have a Twitter account is so I can stalk Nathan Fillion. He's dreamy.

Also, I'm open to do commissions too, so email me if you need anything done and I'll get back to you and maybe we can work something out. :D (my email address is on the sidebar>>)

Hope you all enjoyed this picture blog! Get in touch if you'd like anything converted to a wallpaper!
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