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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - Sort it out, proper


I've bastardised this list from a old wish-list of mine hoping they would include it in a future patch for CoD4.

It never happened.

I now hold out hope that maybe, just maybe they will be addressed in CoD6.

In no particular order

1) Fix the spawn points in S&D:

They need to space out the players more as you cannot get the most out of Extreme Conditioning due to some RPD toting tortoise blocking your way. I'm guessing this is due to the PC have more player slots in multi-player and lazy Dev's not adjusting the maps.

2) Air strike/Helicopter/what ever it gonna be in this one - Delay Server Variable

Please allow server owners to delay the 1st air strike or air support by a amount of seconds (say 0-60 seconds) at the start of the round and retain a RANKED server status. I'm sick of getting lamed. Server.cfg options for restriction of tubes and RPG's would be good to.

3) Load Outs & Encumbrance Balance

Why oh why can you run further with a P90 and RPG than you can with a M16 and 1 nade?

This needs balancing out.

4) Bunnies

Its been “debated to death” and while I can see both side of the argument personally I would want no shooting while jumping, PERIOD! What I complete disagree with is that if you sprint you cannot shoot, but if you sprint and jump you travel at the sprint speed in the air and are still able to shoot.

The compromise?

Dry bum all bunny hoppers

Sprint and jump = no shooting

Walk and jump = shooting allowed

5) Damage Indicator

Get rid of it on hardcore. It’s a skill leveller between good and inexperienced players.
Spray, prey, see the ‘X’ and home in till you get the kill.

Thats it, nothing major here. The old adage 'If it Ain't Broke...' applies but a few tweaks here or there never go a miss.

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