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New Ventures & New Bead Pieces: Opinions Needed


So there's a local videogame store in St. Catharines, Entertainment Overload that's open to selling my crafts on consignment which is great for me cause it opens up a whole new market for me. There will hopefully be more impulse buyers and retro fans coming into the store there that go ga-ga for my affordable, retro items.

This weekend I did up a whole bunch of stuff for this new venture and I need some opinions on my new items.

All of these will be magnets set except with Link with the shield which is a bag tag.

I want to make a few more items before Friday when I go over to talk about selling these but I need to wait for my black beads to come in before I can make some of the SNES items I want.

What does everyone think of these items so far though? Is there any other games that I should consider selling that would do really well? I plan to sell some of my mario mushroom keychains as well as some Link to the Past, FFVI and Chronotrigger magnets but I'm open to other ideas as well.
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