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FYI: NXE Update has smaller installs for games

Shot blog will be short.

For those of us in the NXE update preview program, a few days ago we got another update. I'm not sure what it fixed or if this was a new feature, but now game installs take up a lesser amount of space on your harddrives. I tested this with the four games I have installed, and for sure they got smaller, some by a lot. Here's what I found

King of Fighters XII
Was: 3.4GB
Is: 703mb

Was: 4.6GB
Is: 3.0GB

Street Fighter IV
Was: 5.7GB
Is: 4.6GB

Gears of War 2
Was: 6.7GB
Is: 6.3GB

Those are the only four games I had installed prior to the update, but damn for some of them. King of Fighters XII especially, that was a significant drop in size. Anyways, this is definitely good news for those with a 60GB or 20GB harddrive on their 360s.
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