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10 things you can do while Dtoid is down

Ideally, you will read this before everything goes down.

In a weekend without ModernMethod network sites, you'll have to have something to do. If you're not inclined to go outside work some feeling back into your long-atrophied limbs, I've a few suggestions.

But first, watch this video. I managed to keep the audio from desyncing and threw in a partial translation, so I feel proud:

1. Build a community presence on GiantBomb. They need it. For Christ's sake, their comment threads are still full of guys going "FIRST!" Jeff and the crew over there deserve better than that. They deserve some Dtoid people.

2. Play some Fat Princess. Assuming you own a PS3 and can actually get an f'ing game running.

3. Establish a Nico Nico Douga account. That way I won't need to f'ing look for alternative Youtube versions of all my awesome Persona videos. Also their comment streams are great, even if you can't read those Moon Runes. Instructions are here.

4. Start reading Crispy Gamer. It's home to some of the best game critics in the biz, but I worry for it since their new site design sucks and is increasingly dominated by ads. Give 'em some traffic.

5. Whittle down your game backlog. I know you have one. I've got Red Faction: Guerrilla, Killzone 2, Devil Survivor, Final Fantasy Tactics PSP, Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament (You DID remember to buy it, right?), Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Overlord II, and Prototype to log some time in.

6. Play ArmA II. No, I'm kidding. It's great, but it's the Supreme Commander of FPS games. It's f'ing scary in its comprehensiveness.

7. Loop this video 9 times. Don't worry, it's only 36 seconds long. And then you'll be all caught up with the current season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

8. Touch up your response to Rev's Rant. Assuming you had one in the works. I'm looking up some pretty pictures and and relevant (but still Persona-related) videos to embed.

9. Look for Persona-related material. Actually, this is something I do most days. Aurain estimated that I spend 16 hours a day doing this. That is completely untrue. I spend 18 hours a day doing that. In my defense, I do it while working.

10. Fap. Ideally to some English-language H-games. Actually, that ties into my #8, but I'm still touching that up.

In case you need any help with #10, here's something to get you started:

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