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Persona 3 Run Part 8: Summer Break, Hot Android Chicks, and Dogs Shooting Themselves in the Head

I�d say we covered quite a lot in this past week of our run. Altogether we have clocked over 30 hours and have hit September in the game world. Now before I continue, allow me to direct you to the other half of this operation, SneakerElph�s blog, which you have missed yesterday due to it coming out in the wee hours of the morning. It recaps what happened earlier this week.

Anyway, we decided to take our brand-new, hot android chick out for a spin in Tartarus. Needless to say, she kicks ass and some of her attacks remind me of Geno from Super Mairo RPG. I also love her little sassy victory pose at the end of battles. Maybe I just have a fetish for hot android chicks. I mean some people have cat girl fetishes.

Our maxed out Charm has finally come through for us as Yukari wanted to speak to Steve in private, on top of the roof of the school. Apparently she wants to bond with us and now we�re able to develop a social link with her as the Lovers Arcana. As you may have guessed, we�re totally going after that and will obsessively stalk/take up her offers of companionship. Charm has also caused us to link up with some asshole that hangs out at the mall and stole 40,000 yen from us in a get rich, quick scheme. It turns out, this guy is a television executive and plans to mold Steve into some kind of business model for various products his company sells. Our charm has also garnered the attention of the self-proclaimed King of Food, who wants us to hang out with him and discuss various dishes in town.

Moving on to more story-specific elements, one night, Koro the dog was discovered to have found and defeated a rogue shadow in town. It was later discovered that this dog was in fact a Persona-user, and is able to control them with a specially designed collar. When I gave him a test drive, I expected him to shoot himself in the head like everyone else, but that was not the case. Disappointment ensued.

After a few days have passed, the full moon appeared, which meant an epic battle was to unfold. This battle would take place in an abandoned underground military weapons facility, and the group was locked in by another group of Persona users, who�ve always appeared a little sketchy. Eventually, the group fought the uber shadow that proved to be very annoying. At first glance, it looked like a tank, and after dealing some damage, the tank would separate itself into two different parts. I defeated one of the parts, but then I saw the other half revived its counterpart and I�d have to do this shit all over again. It then came to me, I should wait for the two parts to combine again and attack it then, while just holding back and healing whenever the two parts separated. My strategy proved successful and another shadow was cleansed. On a side note, it appears that we jumped from like nine shadows remaining to four? My guess would be that the battles that feature multiple shadows count as the number of major shadows, in which case we have fewer shadows to worry about.

Continuing our progress of socializing, we spent much of our summer break online chatting it up with Maya. Our conversation led to the discovery that Maya was a teacher, and was probably teaching at Gekkokhan High School. Despite being a composition teacher, she is quite fluent in �netspeak.

Part way through summer break, Mitsuru forced everyone to attend summer school. It was here that Junpei wishes he was a dog like Koro so that he wouldn�t have to go to school. Koro barked in what Junpei thought was a smart idea, but Yukari corrected him by saying that�s a stupid idea and called him Stupei again.

There were also daily movie marathons playing and random people would call Steve up to go with them. Most of the time he went, but I found myself in his place at times where he had to decline a few people because he just wanted to stay home and play his MMO and not be bothered.

The elementary schooler, Ken, who was staying at our dorm for the summer, had volunteered himself to join SEES. It was discovered that like everyone else in the dorm, that Ken could summon Personas. When I gave him a run, he got caught up into a battle on his own and I left him to die. He didn�t prove to be completely useful in battle anyway, however he is of the holy element. He did give the revelation that you need a lot of money to be a female, after he looked through one of Yukari�s fashion magazines and saw the expensive clothing.

Akihiko�s old friend and former SEES member, Shinjiro, has also rejoined SEES after hearing about Ken�s joining. Apparently, something is going on between the two, but it definitely feels like the group is way more expansive than I�d prefer.

Finally, Junpei is starting to hook up with this random drawing chick named Chidori. For dramatic irony�s sake, I believe Chidori was seen in that group of enemy Persona users in other scenes, but not directly by the SEES members. Since Junpei�s hormones are raging, he ends up spilling the beans to Chidori about how he and his friends can summon Personas, thus, breaking the #1 rule of Personas, you don�t talk about Personas.

The next full moon is only days away, the second term of school has started, and more surprises await us in our next session.

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