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Fat Princess impressions, I have them.


HEY! Did you know Fat Princess was released today? Well it was. I bought that shit! Turns out it's pretty cool. Want to know what I think about the game? Cus if not, you should close the blog right now.

Anyways, FP at its core is a very fun and entertaining little game that while simple, can get very addicting. For those of you who don't know what Fat Princess is, its basically 32 player online capture the flag, only the flag is a princess who you feed cake to so she gets fat and harder to carry. I've been waiting for this game a long time and I have to say it delivers pretty well and I was surprised about a few things.

For one, I didn't know about the alternate forms of many of the classes in the game. I knew that you had a worker, warrior, archer, mage, and priest, but I didn't know how drastically different the upgraded alt versions are. For instance the workers second version is a bomber, the warrior gets a spear with a lunging charge attack, the archer gets a shotgun, the mage instead of fire uses ice to freeze people, and the dark priest sucks the life out of people. I also didn't know that the princess grows... not fat over time. So you have to keep stuffing that glutton's face with cake to keep her happy/heavy.

The game's sense of humor isn't overly hilarious, but its charming. The announcer will constantly give you updates as to what is happening, some of which include lines such as "you're getting powned!" Then you have the dark priest, who when they charge their attack a pentagram forms under them and you hear ominous music as well as some chanting. That along with all the blood (and there is LOTS of it) just contrasts the cutesy visuals really well.

That's the good, here's the bad

Games take forever! The first full game I played was about 40 minutes long. Its not a game like a lot of XBLA/PSN games that you can play for 10 minutes and then go do something else. It's not a real problem, just sort of frustrating due to...

The fact no one works together. This is probably partially because a lot of people don't have/use mics. But everyone honestly does their own thing. I was never backed up when I was trying to infiltrate the other castle, and the only reason why I ever was is because people were just doing what they felt like doing, not because it was an orchestrated attack. There will be a big battle and then you'll see one of your team mates at the other end of the screen just chopping wood. Say the other team tries to get the princess, they bring her outside, but you kill them, so you try and carry her back, theoretically your team mates can stand around you and help you so you can carry her faster... but they don't. Playing with friends probably would fix this.

The controls some times are a bit weird. 90% of the time, they're fine, but often there are times where you'll try to lock on to a door or something to repair it, start hitting the button to do it, and nothing happens. You'll think "oh must not have any wood" but then you see that you have plenty... and the game just doens't want to work properly for it.

Anyways, the negatives are minor. This game is awesome. Well worth the $15 it costs.
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