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New AvP Trailer-Marine Gameplay


I have so much anticipation for this game it's starting to give me cramps. Any gamer worth his or her title should have played the old AvP titles on PC for the intense Marine single player campaign and the fantastic multiplayer in AvP2.

This is shaping up to be a great looking title dripping with atmosphere. I always thought these games would get better and better as technology progressed and it looks like I'm right so far. Being a marine in these games is the equivalent to being a deer in an open field. Of course, deer armed with automated weapons and flamethrowers, but deer nonetheless when compared to a Xenomorph or Predator. If you played well as a marine, it took a lot of communication and skill and the older titles could be considered precursors to survival co-op like L4D .

Oh man, if this thing has a cooperative horde'esqe mode in the final release it will eat up console multiplayer traffic on XBL and PSN like nothing else.
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