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PAX: Dinosaur Sex and Flaming Afros.

...and now sausage.

Stickers I am thinking of making and bringing to PAX, to give away to people who might like to stick them places:

The dinosaur one is self explanatory, but here is where it started.

Any others you might want? I want the necros one to look rushed and sloppy like it is. I like it like that. Thinking of inverting it, white on black instead.

Thoughts are appreciated.

EDIT: If this site didn't feel the need to segregate the cblog and forum communities then I'd post this in the forums exclusively. However, I'd like to open up the idea that I'm making stickers in large quantities and if there are any fantastic ideas from the cbloggers I'll gladly create those stickers and give them away for free.

Free shit is good shit, as I always say.
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