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Clean and Righteous-A Red Faction Fanfiction Attempt

Hey there Dtoid

This is my first attempt writing some fanfiction in a long time. Usually I write more expository kind of stuff, but I enjoy reading good fiction so I wanted to give this a shot. It's a multi part fake news article in the Red Faction universe. My focus here is on writing good dialouge and humor. This is just sort of a short prequel to test the waters if there's an audience for this. Let me know what I can work on, of if this is just stupid and I should try writing something else. Hope you like it though.

78 million km across the vast ocean of black nothingness, the terrestrial planet of Mars rests quietly in orbit around the Sun as it always has for perhaps billions of years. Colonization of this derelict red planet once seemed to be a distant science fiction dream of NASA and similar aerospace organizations of the world, and for awhile the allure of achieving that goal maintained itself as a far reaching dream. Yet, it was eventually through the efforts of the Ultor corporation that finally made the great leap forward in aerospace technology and granted access to Mars for humans. Eric Pascua, a retired Ultor executive who initiated and managed the development of the technology, still remembers his inspiration for the project with gusto.

“I remember getting my hands on the computer game Doom and thinking to myself, goddamn wouldn't it be cool to open an inter dimensional portal to the depths of Hell?” “So I got some assets and approvals together, sat down and all of us brainstormed how this could happen, of course, the biggest obstacle was actually getting to Mars.”

It wasn't until later in the project that Pascua discovered his new biggest motivator while finishing the second episode of Doom. “Fucking Cyber-Demons,” he gushed, “after my first encounter with just one I knew that getting to Mars was a no failure mission!” “If these things were on Mars I knew Ultor would reap in profits no matter what the cost it took to get there!”

Pascua secretly admitted to writing and producing the Doom comic

Ultor and Pascua did make it to Mars but they didn't find any Cyber-Demons or any inter dimensional portal to Hell when they arrived. “No imps, no nothing,” says Pascua, “I admit I looked like a real prick back then.” “After spending trillions on labor and funding to get there, not a single archeologist found any trace of Hellspawn on Mars.”

“We fucking told him back on Earth that this wouldn't work!” recalls a former chief Ultor astrobiologist. “All he did was play Doom like it was his job to play videogames all day!” “I spent fifteen years of my life in higher education obtaining my Doctorate and then that piece of shit Pascua makes me waste the next fifteen years trying to find intergalactic fairy tales; if I went to work for Black Mesa I swear to Christ I would never have had to put up with shit like this!”

Pascua's mission a complete and utter failure, Ultor decided to go ahead and set up a mining operation deep in the trenches of Mars. “Well we didn't want to piss off any of the crew we just shipped thousands of light years away from home by telling them I fucked up in a sort of big way,” explains Pascua.

Not that the Ultor workforce would be happy to go home in either case. The global economy back on Earth was beginning to fall apart and conditions even in the United States were approaching third world levels.

“I sat down with some people and we figured, hey, we got like ten shitloads of giant drills and stuff, no Union and no human rights laws out here on Mars.” “If we did a little exploitation here, some mandatory overtime there and broke a few backs we could really put lipstick on a turd and turn this botched pilgrimage into a money maker.” And so Ultor mined. For years the program stayed on its feet and workers on Earth flocked by the droves in order to support themselves and their respective families back on a planet slowly falling apart.

Early Ultor miners slaving away at red rocks all day.

Ultor maintained their exploitive mining project successfully due to unorthodox security measures in equipment and personal training. This often involved arming guards with full scale portable missile launchers and even more deadly weaponry according to a former Ultor Staff Sargent we touched base with.

“I remember getting my hands on this laser rail thing for the first time and the catch was, you could see through rocks and stuff with it.” “So it was always a blast, no pun intended, to aim the thing just past an unsuspecting miner's head and let er rip!” He laughs like drunken first grader. “Oh man, and then the infirmary boys over there would constantly bitch at us, because they were sick and tired of cleaning the shit out of the mining suits when those dumb ass miners came in crying for a new suit!” “If you liked pulling the wings off dragonflies when you were a kid, this was the job for you...”

Yet, unlike dragonflies, the miners knew how to handle weapons and operate heavy machinery. Eventually, the miners collaborated and initiated the first Red Faction revolt on Mars. They pushed Ultor and their hired band of mercenaries off the planet where eventually, the true stars of our story would arrive to clean up the damage.

The EDF would set history in motion by undertaking the largest terraforming project known to mankind.

To be continued...
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