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The Monster Hunter 3 trailers are out, have lotsa monsters, implied hunting (shortblog)

It's just a week from the game's Japanese launch and I really want to play. I like Freedom Unite, I really do, but Monster Hunter's greatest weakness outside of Glorious Nippon has been the fact that the PSP is NOT ubiquitous, and that most people prefer their online games online, rather than Ad Hoc. Ad Hoc Party and XLink Kai help, but support like that should be in by default.

Not to perpetrate console war tradition, but I think that if Capcom had stuck by the original plan to put it out for the PS3, this sort of thing would be much more feasible. With the PSN, real-money pricing, etc., that machine is much more suitable for MMO-style play than the Wii.

Since it's too late to grouse about it now, here's an intro:

And before you ask, yes, the Japanese release, like the Monster Hunter G remake is pay-to-play. You cough up Wii points for a subscription ranging from 30 to 90 days, after a 20-day trial.

Keep in mind though, that Monster Hunter 2 (on the PS2) was ALSO pay-to-play in Japan, but was FREE in the US. If Capcom wants any of us to care at all about Monster Hunter (they sure as hell are trying what with the marketing support they gave to Freedom Unite), it would be in their best interests to consider that business model.

Now, here's a picture of the things you can piece together from monster guts after a hunt:

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