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Zinc: For all your System 11 needs

It might be old news to some but I just recently discovered Zinc.

Now some System 11 and 12 games are getting to be playable in MAME Tekken 3 chuggs and most others have echos and such.

Zinc plays them at a nice brisk pace.

for those that don't know ZINC Emulates playstation based Hardware system 11, System 12, Zn2 and so on.

Getting it to run is tricky the main loader is commandline based there's a simple loader you can download and a very nice Final Burn/MAMEesque GUI that you can also download also for most if not ALL games to run you need to find bios files there is a site that has what you need coughzopharscough so hit them up when you need a Bios file

here's the GUI that I use

a ton of games are availible, now Raycrisis and Gdarius DO work but for some reason much like they do in MAME they do not have the muisc.

Anyways I tested a few games and here's a report

Soul Edge

Speed is great and it does retain all the gameplay that makes it so great some sounds don't play but there's no distortion in the sounds.

Rival Schools

A sentimental Favorite and one of Capcom's most dreadfully underrated fighter. Here it runs beautifully no Sakura in this one though.

Fighting Layer

A system 12 game, It's unplayable with the keyboard plugin I don't know about sticks, I assume you need a stick to play this and other System 12 games. I tested Tekken 3 and Mr Driller and only the buttons mapped to the joystick work (arrow keys in my case) so it's quite flawed. This game does work in MAME quite well but it does have an echoing issue in MAME.

Toshinden 2

Another personal Favorite this runs fine in MAME with few issues On Zinc it actually has Anti Alasing.
Plays and runs beautifully. The only issue some might have is how well you think it's aged. Otherwise it looks like an N64 game running in Zinc than an old PS1 game.

Dead or Alive++

I am A HUGE fan of DOA this was the missing piece to the puzzle the one game I don't have. If you haven't played it it's VERY close to DOA 2 and Ayane is playable for the first time in this installment. In Zinc it runs flawless but requires a Bios file that's a real pain in the ass to find. For demo purposes I'm showing it playing at a higher resolution than the other games.

Strider 2

Here I have it running at full resolution. I have never played Strider 2 before and I enjoy it more than the first game. Zinc has some issues with it as lines will appear in the sprites if that doesn't bother you the game is very playable and quite enjoyable. Here I'm playing it at the highest resolution possible in the emulator

Get it?

This emulator requires patience, which I don't have much of however with enough googling and a few hours you should have all the games you want. Just be aware that System 12 games don't work with the keyboard plugin and good luck finding a Soul Calibur Rom that'll run in Zinc.
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