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New Jersey sucks, let's discuss Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Hello there Destructoid. Lovely day here in New Jersey. It's raining outside, the perfect excuse for any gamer to shun their social life and just play games all day. Any gamer except the ones with kids, that is. No, no quiet time for me.

OK, that's a lie. The kids fell asleep over an hour ago, a strange and rare event in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, I missed most of this due to having to leave the house and go get myself a new windshield wiper blade for my driver's side. You see, people suck. Sometimes when you go outside, you see this firsthand. Example: Yesterday I went to the bank to get some cash from the free ATM, as opposed to the ATM at the corner store, which charges a total of $3 for a transaction. While inside the bank, some dickhead decided to put some sort of flier under my windshield wiper, except unlike most people who do this for a living, he also decided to break the fucking thing.

So instead of saving $3 by using my bank's ATM, I spent $15 on a new wiper. I fucking lose 12 DOLLARS and I lose the chance to go back and get some achievements from Ghostbusters that I missed the first time through.

Anyway, now that I've mentioned it, let's move on to Ghostbusters:The Video Game.

By now you've probably heard more than enough about this game, whether through the media or word of mouth from your pals. But being late to the party and borderline irrelevant has never stopped me before and it will not stop me now. Failure is my middle name.

So finally, the game: It's good. It's a solid rental and possibly a purchase depending on how big a Ghostbusters fan you happen to be. If you do happen to be a big fan, then you'll likely love the game for it's striking authenticity and it's respectful and thoughtful use of the film's license. It helps that seemingly all of the stars of the films are played by their original actors. Sure, sometimes the digital versions of each character looks a bit creepy, but overall the look and feel of the films is present.

Adding to this is the array of different items you'll use in your adventure and of course how you use those items. I wasn't a hardcore fan of these films, but I did have toy proton packs and shit as a kid and getting to use them in a good looking game like this felt pretty fucking bad-ass. Unfortunately, the feeling doesn't last forever. The game falls back on basic shooter mechanics and rightly so, because trapping a ghost is only actually fun the first 20 or so times. After a while it started to feel kind of stale. Those shooting mechanics I mentioned aren't the greatest either, but they work well enough. Also, slime tethering shit is kind of fun.

So I enjoyed the game. All 5 and a half hours of it. See, that's my main gripe here. For $60 that's just not enough. I realize there is multiplayer and I haven't played it, but the career mode is still way too short. I could have accepted 10 hours, although when I consider everything, perhaps the length is actually a positive. Tack another 5 hours onto this game and I might have gotten really bored with it, unless of course the developers had added more abilities and tools with enemies and situations to match. But they wouldn't have fucking done that, otherwise it would have already fucking happened, right?

Still, a great rental for sure. Give it a shot if you rent, or wait until it's dropped in price if you'd like to buy it. Whatever.

Well, my kids are starting to wake up, which is good, because otherwise they'll be up all fucking night, and that means no Secret of Monkey Island for me, which means I'll be fucking pissed off. It's my first time with the game and so far it's fucking great. I just finished getting all the pirate insults, which while slightly tedious was also extremely fun and rewarding. If you've never played this game before, download that fucker right now. It's a good deal for 10 bucks.

See you around, Destructoid.
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