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Konami made a fighter? and said fighter was Good?

Konami DID invent the formula that would become Street Fighter. You would think having basically invented the 2d fighter as we know it today Konami would have made more fighters right?

Konami has it's own weird style something I can't really explain. Sega's style is quite an easy one to pin down. especally in it's 80s arcade games but in the 90s Konami had this style that was just....KONAMI. You knew you were playing a Konami game just from the way it looked.

That style doesn't exactly translate to fighters. Martial Champions is quite Unique doing alot of things differently from many other fighters of the time, 3 attack buttons, life bars at the bottom some characters had weapons the sprites where HUGE and oozed that unique Konami style. Martial Champions is fantastic but stylistically it's kind of odd.

But that is not the game I am here to talk about.

This game is

It's an odd mix of SNK and Capcom's best. Like an SNK Fighter it has a how to play screen. There's also an option for 3 VS 3 Teams The Game has scaling ala Samurai Shodown and Like SS it also has scaling and Of course weapons.

From capcom The game takes a 6 button control scheme

The Standard Power meter is also implemented not sure how it's used as I didn't dabble in the game long enough and won't until I can play it with my arcade sticks

And it does do one thing on it's own some stages have Ledges you can grab on to. during fights.

Some characters OOZE that classic Konami Art style while others looked ripped from SNK fighters. there are 12 fighters to choose from all of whom see quite competent and useable.

Here's a look

It's a game worth checking out having come out in 1995 it probably got lost in the shuffle but it's a breath of fresh air from a time when SF II games were flooding arcades and SNK made EVERY OTHER fighter that came out.
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