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[Shortblog] So they're doing a Halo anime...


It appears that Microsoft's newly announced Halo-centric branch, 343 Industries, has set up a deal with a a number of well renowned anime studios to create a series of 7 short films based around the Halo universe. The project will be called "Halo Legends." details are scarce at the moment, but I'm going to presume it's something along the lines of "the Animatrix" or "Gotham Knight".
Production I.G.'s Shinji Aramaki is overseeing the project and the films will be done by Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Tohei, and Studio 4-C.

What do you think Dtoiders? As a fan of both Halo and anime, I'm pretty excited.

News via Kotaku, via the LA Times.
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