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Ryu divulges: A humble room for sleeping and gaming.

I've seen alot of gaming rooms on this site, and alot of them are really packed with nothing but gaming stuff. From the walls to the shelves, it's pretty immediately clear that a lot of the owners of those rooms enjoy surrounding themselves with gaming images and stuff. And while I consider myself absolutely obsessed with everything and everything gaming, I tend to find myself not indulging in the large collector's editions and posters on my wall. Instead, I like to keep my room as a simple, yet effective way for me to game. So why don't I show you through my humble abode.

And this ends my tour. Honestly, I wish I could show more cool things, but thats the point of the humble room. I have my stuff to play games with, and not much else. However, I hope you enjoy this look into my room, and sorry for the long post because I felt compelled to give you the list of games. I'm just so damn proud of 'em!
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