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Quick Hits - Week of 7/22/09


(In Quick Hits I rate weekly anime series generally with Thumbs Up, Down, Meh or Dropped. If I can get through the series expect a full review on it sooner or later. Oh and I might be an episode ahead or behind or whatever so this is your warning SPOILERS MAY OR MAY NOT BE POSTED IN THIS SHIT.)

Ah summer, the season full of sun, fun and tits. Lots and lots of tits.

It seems the summer anime season is no different and chalk full of em! With shows like Haruhi (Mikiru), Spice and Wolf (Horo), Bakemonogatari (Hitagi), Princess Lover (every girl) etc. etc. NEEDLESS (lol) to say I'm enjoying most of the shows I've decided to watch so lets get this shit started.

Lets start with what seems like what everyone has been ranting and going batshit insane over and that is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Endless Eight. I got to say while I enjoy the premise and the sheer balls it takes for keeping this up for FIVE episodes (so far...) this has to END!

For those, few readers ;_;, that don't know the new season of Haruhi has started and the first episode was awesome. It was great to have the old gang back and everything was perfect. There was costume raping, Haruhi being Haruhi, Kyon being Kyon, Yuki being awesome, Itsuki being gay. Life was good. But then...then Endless Eight started.

It's basically Ground Hog day without the awesome. Each time Kyon get's a little bit closer to figuring out how to stop it but fails and it starts all over. I won't say more than that but the little details added while interesting don't add that much to warrant an entire episode. I have to go with Thumbs Down unless Kyon mans up and fucks Haruhi or something. Watch one or two episodes if you are into Haruhi and haven't seen the new season yet. I'll let you know when the hell is over with. Since I'm a masochistic and all. ;_;

That leads us to what I consider the best show of the season so far. The Eden of the East for this summer and that would be Bakemonogatari, or Ghostory. You should be watching this since there is


Awesome tsundere dialog
Fantastic Animation
Interesting Supernatural setting
And let's not forget the staples. Seriously if this gets licensed Staples or Office Max or whatever they should sponsor this.

Episode 1 is a great intro and has tons of surprises plus the main lead isn't a bitch.

Half of Episode 2 involves Hitagi taking a shower and attempting to get dressed!

Episode 3 introduces this loli that messes with Araragi (the lead).
Hell Hitagi even says while getting dressed, "Could you not spit while you talk? STDs from hookers are contagious. HOW COULD YOU SAY NO TO THIS?! Anyway THUMBS UP! WATCH THIS SHIT NOW!

Now we move on to Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan!! All I can say is if you like girls pissing while having an orgasm to electricity then this is the show for you. It takes me a lot to drop a show but I'm on the edge...I'm going to give episode 2 a shot later this week, so we shall see...
You can even watch it legally on Crunchy Roll.

Princess Lover is a typical harem, but I'm liking the lead so far and hey it helps that every single girl can probably suffocate a normal person with their fun bags.Plus there's a Saber clone and takes place in a rich high class school/club like Ouran and that's fucking awesome.

Thumbs Up!

Now we got the Action/Comedy of the group in NEEDLESS. I liked the first episode and Blade is fucking awesome (see picture below).

The other character, Cruz, sucks though and brings the show down with all his bitching. Try to ignore his punk ass. This is the new shonen on the block. So I guess that it is needed. And some of the gags are actually funny as hell and episode 2 will make Gurren Lagann fans ROFL!

Episode 2 kept the awesome but Episode 3 was just mediocre though it does introduce a new character for Blade to fuck with and that's always welcomed. I will watch a few more but I got to give it a Meh. If there is moar Blade and less Cruz then this will get the upgrade to Thumbs Up.

Last but not least is CANAAN the major action blockbuster of the group. It involves conspiracies and drugs and super assassins that can kill everyone before blinking...nothing you probably haven't seen before. I just don't like the show. Its the Transformers 2 of the summer season and is just trying to do WAY TOO MUCH.

Yeah everything is shiny and shit but CANAAN doesn't hold my attention which if weird for an action show. This could change though so I'm going to give it a Meh.

SIDE NOTE: I also might be picking Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 but as you can see alright go a lot of stuff already so we'll see. If you have anything you want to recommend then just drop it in the comments. Sorry for the long post but I'm covering mulitiple episodes and there are more pics at the end of the post.
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