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In other news, MegaTen: Strange Journey is a DS game

Which is just eff'n great. I just don't have enough f'n DS cartridges to lug around.

I'm sounding ungrateful here, but I was hoping that Strange Journey would be a home console title, for the Wii perhaps. Especially a Wii title, as I'd finally be doing something with it outside of EA Sports Active. Besides, I've already got a DS MegaTen game to play.

But it's too late now, seeing as the scans are out on Siliconera. At least it's in 3D.

There are also details there, which I will regurgitate here, for I am a blogger, and game JOURNALISTS tell me that that is all game bloggers do, which is not JOURNALISM.

It's the first "core" MegaTen release since Digital Devil Saga, since Persona and Devil Survivor are spinoffs, and Devil Summoner is somewhere between (by my estimation).

That hole in the south pole leads to the "Schwarze-verse", which is apparently an Etrian Odyssey-style first-person dungeon. The top screen shows the exploration, the bottom screen shows something like a pip-boy interface for your "Demonica Suit."

All the base concepts for a MegaTen game are in. Weaknesses, fusion, and demon negotiation etc. Apparently there are more demons than ever, with something along the lines of 300+, double that of Persona 3's 150. MegaTen's famous art director is back to create those creepily andro character designs, and perhaps even make some new art assets for monster design, because God knows we've seen enough recycles of that Pixie character sprite.

Strange Journey takes a page from Persona's book, as your relationships with the crew are critical to item creation and actually doing whatever it is you're supposed to be doing.

JP release is set for October 10, which probably invalidates my earlier jizzing over Persona 5 rumors, but it's all good. MegaTen is MegaTen, and at least this one isn't about high school kids, right?

Anyway, now that I've done my job as a blogger, have a video. Unlike Strange Journey, it's about high school kids:

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