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Videogame Shopping as a Proud Aunt - Also New Bead Art


Today I went shopping for my nephew's 4th birthday and I finally got to shop in the one place I've been waiting for - the videogame store. I headed over to the local videogame store - Entertainment Overload and jumped into the hordes of Nintendo DS and GBA games looking for the perfect gift for a budding gamer.

I was originally hoping to pick up Super Mario Bros. 3 on the GBA for him but it was gone, so instead I picked up Super Mario Advance which is a remake of Super Mario Bros. 2 and Mario Bros. Plus I grabbed him Pixar's Cars on Nintendo DS cause I didn't spend as much as I originally planned to on the SMB3.

On top of the games, I also ordered a t-shirt from Jinx.com that has the title, Padawan Gamer and a Space Invader logo on it. Time to start dressing the kid like a gamer too.

Today am I a proud Aunt to know my little nephew is growing up to be a gamer already. I even taught him to spell Mario with his fridge magnets. He loves Mario and plays various Mario games on his Gamecube and Nintendo DS all the time. I am so excited to introduce him to Super Mario Bros. 2.

I have to make him a Thomas the Tank Engine cake topper too. Making it out of my fused beads, so I had to track down some game sprites for Thomas.

Speaking of bead sprites, here are a few of my newest pieces:

The Mario Generation - painting set - $40 plus shipping - available at Pixelated Creations

Guybrush Threepwood - new pose for customer

LeChuck - new pose for customer
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