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Good Morning Destructoid! I've rented some games, lets talk!

So it's like 9 AM here in lovable old New Jersey, and I've been struggling to get my children to eat their breakfast, as has been the tradition since we returned from our vacation in Walt Disney World a week ago. It's been a difficult experience, readjusting to this post-Disney life. It's hard not eating Mickey Mouse pancakes with the man himself for $35.99 plus tax every fucking day.

The lesson as always is do not have children.

Anyway, what's up Destructoid? Hopefully if you're a male, your cock isn't, cause that would be strange. I'm an ugly dude. As you might expect, my gaming has been down due to the previously mentioned vacation, but I did just recently receive a few games from reliable old GameFly. I love GameFly for it's ability to allow me to rent a lot of games that are worth playing but not worth buying. Games with great gameplay but extremely short length or severe lack of content.

Games like X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Remember, I just got back from vacation. I only received this game on Thursday and yet I had beaten it by Saturday, which is a short amount of time for me. I only play an hour a night on average nowadays, so this game is obviously not worth the $60 it would have cost to buy it. This is fine and even somewhat acceptable, considering the title is a licensed movie game. Besides this, the core game is extremely fun and satisfying. Perhaps a bit too fond of other games like God of War, but fun nonetheless.

I feel bad because I'm not technically supporting the title, but oh well. Perhaps next time the developer and publisher will spend more time crafting a game of value and substance, whatever the fuck that actually means. Good luck to them. If they hit the mark, I'll surely notice and then perhaps next time I'll buy their game. But for now I will mostly rent games like this. I've been burned too many times now by games like this, games you shell out $60 for only to be finished playing in a few days time.

Fuck that shit.

So how bout you Dtoid? Any of you feel the same way as I do about rentals? Some hardcore industry advocates try and say renting is just as bad as stealing, but I certainly don't feel that way. If I really and truly love a game I rent, I'll buy it. Of course people say that all the time, but do they really do it?

True Story: I once split the cost of a rental of Star Wars Battlefront with a friend when it was a new game, and I did in fact buy that game the next week due to that rental.

Oh snap.

PS: As for the word "games" in the title, ya know, the plural version of game, I also rented Ghostbusters but I haven't gotten around to playing it yet. I would have liked to talk about that game as well but who knows when I'll be able to blog again? 20 minutes of computer time is tough to come by when you live with my wife.

Fuck that bitch.
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