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Persona 3: FES Run 7/20/09 Part 6: 4chan, +6 Charisma Points, and Womens

At the end of this session and the writing of this post, we have logged just over 20 hours of play time. Not a whole lot of progress in the story occurred, as we were 20 something days from the next full moon. As such, we powered through three weeks of the game, by mainly boosting Steve�s Charm attribute, or at least I did, as my comrade was playing Final Fantasy IV on his DS.

Steve managed to max out his Charm to six, making him Charismatic. He achieved this epic popularity status by correctly answering questions (via Google-cheating) going to the caf� every night and indulging himself in the �charm coffee.� Now personally, I hate coffee and that�s probably why I have such a crappy Charisma score in real life. Anyway, having the maximum Charm will allow Steved to get it on with Yukari some time down the road, but we�ve stumbled across a roadblock in the form Chihiro of the student council.

Chihiro was the girl from last time who insta-friend zoned us when we asked her on a date, but as time passed and our charm increased, we approached her (due to an exclamation point hovering over her head). This time she was more open to allowing us to escort her home, apparently she�s very awkward around guys and hence the initial denial. I mainly chose to flirt/hang out with her because she has the Justice Arcana that can boost this sweet Persona I was looking at when looking at possible fusions. I also saw a pretty rad Magician Persona I wanted to upgrade Pyro Jack to, but he�s level 28 and Steve is only 21. Going back to Chirhiro, I came to the revelation that I only go out with girls (both in-game and in real life) just so I can boost my Social Link with them and hence create the best possible Persona. In short, I�m a lonely, heartless bastard.

Continuing our social conquest, we managed to achieve BFF status with Kazushi, the swim team captain after witnessing his struggle to help his young nephew by winning Nationals, despite having some knee issues. His chronicle ends with him deciding to get surgery on his knee and hopefully he�ll be able to compete in the competition.

In other news, some eavesdropping has led to the discovery of a Web site where users can enter the names of people they want revenge on have it executed on the target; in other words, 4chan.

Steve also joined the Photography Club, which coincidentally, Fuuka is a member of. It�s here that we�ve developed a bond with Keisuke, the leader of the club. One night, he called to make plans to hang out with him on our day off. The next day, Chihiro called to hang out with her. Seeing as Chihiro was more important, we decided to cancel plans with Keisuke and he seemed pretty upset. He was so pissed, that he caused an inverted Social Link and it won�t return to normal until we�ve made amends with him.

Capping off our session, we trained a little in Tartarus and now we�re a few days away from the next full moon.
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