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A Sad Day in Bargain Bin Hunting


Sweet deal right? How could anyone possibly go wrong?

So a few months ago I walk into EB, and start flicking through the used games. About 5 minutes in, I find myself looking through the old Playstation games (EB in Canada still carries them), and I come across this. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete. Three dollars.

I was pretty excited, and I immediately took it to the register, which in hindsight was a poor decision because often when someone trades in a gem of this calibre, they have also traded in some other quality titles at the same time. Why would someone trade something so awesome, for obviously less than $3? I didnít know, and I was going to get it out of the store before anyone could change their mind.

I took it to the register, and the manager of the store looked at it, and asked the new guy why it had been put out on the floor. For $3 no less. Usually someone working at the place would recognize that this is an unusual title, and at least ask someone before putting a price sticker on it, so I knew that I had caught a major break. The manager grudgingly found the discs for it, and put it through the register, so I got out of there before anyone could change their mind Ė in retrospect, this behaviour was a little paranoid.

As I was driving home, it occurred to me that this is a Working Design game (may they rest in peace), and so it should probably come with a cardboard box, and a litany of promo items, but for $3, I was willing to just try and get that stuff on ebay or something later.

Working Design shipped every copy of the game they printed with everything you see here.

So understanding that I was just getting the game, and my Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete, was ironically incomplete, how could I possibly be disappointed by getting it for just $3? On ebay, I might get $50 for it in this condition.

OK, no instructions, that sucks.

The instructions were missing? This one was completely on me, I should have looked for them before I bought the thing. Oh well, for $3, still not a bad deal, and if Iím going to make it complete by buying what Iím missing off of ebay, then the instructions are only going to run me a few more dollars.

Youíve got to be kidding me.

Yeah, no disc 3 for the game. Even if I didnít care how collectible it was, and just wanted to play the game, I canít even finish it. This one is on EB, they should have done their homework when they accepted the trade, and made sure that everything you needed to finish the game was included. I phoned them, and asked them if they had just missed it or something, but they said they couldnít find it.

The back of the game states thereís only supposed to be three discs...díoh

The game itself is spread over three discs, and the fourth disc is a bonus, but these details are lost on the new guy at EB.

So I paid three dollars for a game, and got ripped off.


So I had hastily planned to get the expensive part of the game for $3, and try and salvage the rest from incomplete ebay lots, but Iíve evidently got a copy thatís more spare parts than game. Now Iíd just like to make someone elseís copy complete, and find some sort of happy ending for this.

If anyone needs some of the discs Iíve got, or maybe wants the paper inserts out of the jewel case to replace some damaged ones or something, I would be happy to send them to you free of charge. Iím not sure under what circumstances (besides my unfortunate case) another copy of the game would get split up like this, but if youíve found yourself just missing a disc 2 or something, let me know. Right now I just want to dismantle it for the sweet, sweet double case that I can use to replace one of my damaged cases on a different game, but everything else is up for grabs.
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