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I, The Author: Ando, me and the great defence


I knew they couldn't hold it. Sometimes the ledge is impossible to pass, other times it'll hold for a minute or two before people start working out ways round it. So I suppose it's just as well I've made a choice to defend here, on this thin column. No way to get to it apart from building a dispenser, jumping on top and then onto the ledge. It's a bit precarious, because you have to demolish your dispenser once you get up there, otherwise there's nometal to use. Building a sentry gun takes a while, upgrading the dispenser takes an age, and then you've got to think about the security of a teleporter back up in case you buy it. Mind you, it means that everyone else will use the teleporter to jump straight to where you are. Which isn't a good idea.

Shit, they're really making up ground fast, I suppose when you've got momentum like this, then it's hard to recover. Most teams put all their eggs in one basket which sometimes works, but break that basket and it's a steam rolling ahead. So here I am, building a Level 3SG overlooking the point. If they take me down, we lose. Constant influx of people taking my tele , looking round, realising they're about 10 feet from the spawn point, swearing at me, then fucking off. Oh, there we go a heavy has just come though. Huh, he's staying here? Wellok, it's a bit crowded but....

holy shit they're fucking on top of us. Sentry's taken down two already, heavy took care of the rest. He's getting on top of the dispenser. Thankfully I made enough room between theSG and the dispenser so that my chubby little frame would fit in between. Safe guards against rockets which is good, but Demoman spam is the killer. Took down two more, and now they're coming in waves.... where the fuck is the rest of the team?!? Oh.... they're dead.... well it's up to me and ..... what's your name? Ando? Far out, well it's up to you and me for a bit Ando and frankly, I'm not confident....

Come on, come on, that's another two down..... SPY CAPPING IT!!! Nice work Ando, we're gonna make this... another one down..... wait, where the fuck are these sticky bombs coming from? Shit, take himou....! DAMMIT! Dead, SG destroyed and that's the round... We came close there Ando, don't know what happened with everyone else. I suppose it's because the spy and sniper pack just hit, almost everyone is going a spy or sniper. Nah, I did alright when we wereBlu earlier; I went spy even though I'm pretty crap. At the end there was like a line of snipers looking down the level and I managed tobackstab three of them in one go.

Ok, so here we go again! Last level of this map. So there's plenty of engineers, I presume we'll hold the first corner with some staggered sentry guns and some snipers taking them down the line. You go guys, I'll upgrade the teleporter entrances all to level 3, I'll join you when I can.Ok, that's them all done, better see how they're doing... Holy shit, that was close. Man I think the engineer that built this SG is dead, I better patch it up. We're holding them ok right? Oh fuck, no we're not.... retreat!! Ok , the hell with this, I'm building back at spawn. The cart has to be pushed along a thin rail into the centre of the final base, but there's a good point to build directly to the right of the cart as it enters the base. I'm gonna setup there, underneath the staircase that leads outside. Almost there...ok , Level 3 sentry built and Level 3 dispenser backing me up. Hope there's not a weak spot where a spy can get me, although they'd have to be pretty ballsy to try and get me from here.C'mon guys, they've almost got this one!!! Hey Ando, over here... let's do it! Me and you buddy, backs against the wall.

EAT IT!! EAT IT!!! They're rushing at it like Lemmings to their doom...!! C'mon Ando, get that Demoman below us, the SG can't reach hi... good work!! C'mon, only 45 seconds to go, everyone push up!! Don't let them build up and uber! Heh, that Scout tried to cap it and got blown back about a mile. OVER TIME! Come on, come on, they're all rushing in now and my SG is taking hits but I keep it from being destroyed..... TIME UP! We did it! We held of RED at the end and won the round!! Ando and I come top of the kills that round, I've even beaten my points and kills record as an engineer. Wow, some game.

I didn't see Ando after that. There's a server I play on regularly with a bunch of guys I've gotten to know.... but Ando's not there. But he's out there somewhere. I have this image of him, standing astride a dispenser, screaming in Russian and mowing the REDs down. Godspeed Ando; what we did was special and I hope you remember it too.
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