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Say 'NO' to drugs! (NVGR)

Under the current place you would receive in society from disagreeing with the subject matter at hand, I am going to be extremely broad with my views on this topic so that every-fucken-body will be somewhat satisfied with my findings and not start a retarded comment war. It is however a touchy subject, so let the chips fall where they may I guess.

What I mean is that I don't condone the use to illegal substances, In fact I don't approve of it to anybody at all . I would actually strictly encourage you to burn down any weed farms you come across in you life!

Because I don't want anybody else to feel like I do right now, it's so terrible you laugh until you cry!

*pissed off, stiff upper lip look (As show below)*

...yeah, that's right!

P.S - Fuck, I love you bastards! Every one of you Destructoidian's. This place is a fucken God send of gaming greatness with a whole heap of unreal pricks that I relate to on more than just the Video Game front!

Keep it up Dtoid, you are as great as God's Vagina! Which is awesome!

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