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Holy Shit Balls - Sengoku Basara


OK, well this is my attempt to start blogging more and since Japanator doesn't have C-Blogs (yet?) Dtoid gets this, so suck on it bitches! (And hopefully I will be doing one of these once a week sucks to be you readers.)

Anyway everyone needs to see the most amazing thing that is Sengoku Basara! This is (definitely) how it came about,
1. Capcom needs money (it is a video game franchise)
2. The franchise hasn't been whored yet, I mean Devil May Cry got an anime for fucks sake!
3. Has explosions, tits, and shit.
4. ???

And surprisingly it works. There is no deep over blown Final Fantasy plot here. This is Dynasty Warriors anime style. If that doesn't put a retarded smile on your face like this guy then you simply WILL NOT LIKE THIS SHOW!

Plus there is a character that spits out random Engrish, has an eye patch, uses six that's right SIX swords, AND rides a horse with motorcycle handle bars and EXHAUST PIPES!
This guy could give Kamina a run for his money.

All you need to know is that there are a shit ton of countries fighting over Japan or Taiwan or some shit but most fight for HONOR or GAR! Except for this group of assholes and this fag furry looking dude that wants everyone to hug...BUT WE WON'T GET INTO THAT! I mean come on we even get ninjas...AND NINJAS WITH TITS!

While this may take place in feudal Japan people are throwing fireballs and lighting like this is Naruto. Which leads to some awesome fights and while it isn't realistic it does remind me of other great overblown fighting sequences like in Gurren Lagann. Shit explodes left and right and the body count for no name characters probably gets to the millions by the end of the series.

The animation by Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell, Eden of the East) is solid though the earlier episodes are the best in that sense. The voice acting is good and gets you pumped, and most of the characters are memorable. I will say that the story does drag when they do decide that the plot is important and they need to talk about how this philosophy is better or some bullshit but that is why you have a fast forward button! The cast gets a little bloated but hey that's what dramatic death sequences are for! And come on, how can you not like the show when it has a guy riding TWO horses up a 90 degree wall? It's as if this show was made for Sterling...

The 12 episode series has been licensed by Funimation, but those that know how to use Google can find it. I personally can't wait to hear the cast in English. Plus a second season has been annonced. If you are looking for something a little more DEEP you may have to look somewhere else. Especially if you aren't a 4 year old. But hey this series doesn't take itself seriously and has plenty of style, comedy and action to go around. Everyone should give at least the first two episodes a shot.

I give it 8 over-the-top explosions out of 10. You probably won't buy it but hey it's a fun ride all the way through.
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