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Killzone 2 Update

So I fired up Killzone 2 the other day and downloaded the latest update. I know people have probably already been talking about it -- about the way the games list screen has changed. You can now see the maps a game is playing along with other useful information. It's a much needed and welcomed improvement.

However there is still one thing missing! Duration.

Now I know that a 30 min game of body count might not take the whole 30 min, but most of the time, I don't have time to play a game that's 30 min body count, 15 search and destroy, 20 search and retrieve, 15 capture and hold, etc. etc.

I don't know how many times I've joined a game that looks promising. They're playing maps I like (multiple maps), not just Radec Academy, but each game mode has an obscenely long time limit. I want to be able to see how long each mission's duration is before I join the game and look like a dick for joining and then leaving right away.

Who knows, maybe there actually is a way to see the times or there's an easier to way to join and quit without the hassle. But I hope this feature is something that gets added in the next round of patches.

PS - On a happier note, I really like the Southern Hills map. Beach Head is pretty good too, but I haven't gotten to see much of it. When I found a game playing it, most of the fighting was taking place near the ISA base in the craters and pipes. But my reaction has been less positive than Southern Hills.

PSS - I need some friends for my friends list. Only 1 of my friends has a ps3 and he plays only sports games. So if there're any Dtoiders out there who want to play, hit me up. Triplzer0
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