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Fun with Omegle

For those that don't know Omegle is a website that connects you with a complete stranger either an asshole or chinese person. I've had some amusing convos on this thing this however is probably the best Enjoy

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
You: G'day mate
Stranger: hi
You: hi
You: where from?
Stranger: a very secret location...i'm not allowed to talk about it much
Stranger: you?
Stranger: also, are you male or female?
You: Male
You: and You're an american
Stranger: yes
Stranger: i'm located at a government run think tank
Stranger: they just kind of took me because of my intellagence
Stranger: and they won't let any of us out
You: yeah uh
You: you miss spelled Intellgence
Stranger: i don't care
You: so did I
Stranger: i'm in a rush
Stranger: i just havn't talked to anyone in forever
You: Intelligence*
You: right
You: how do you think I FEEL
You: I'm the wise one that it takes a 2 hour movie to find
You: I fuckin live int he woods with no human contact
Stranger: i'm sorry
Stranger: i wish i could see the sun
Stranger: i havn't seen it in forever :(
You: oh the yellow ball int he sky
You: so much rain we have barely seen it
You: Do you want me to send the Ninjas to come get you?
Stranger: rain?
Stranger: isn't that...the wet stuff that falls from the sky
Stranger: no
Stranger: i have created a virus
Stranger: codename: venjix
You: it's ok the Ninjas know the cure
Stranger: it's going to get all of us out of here
You: the Ninjas are going to get you out
You: you know why?
Stranger: why?
You: Cuz they're mother fuckin Ninjas
Stranger: i see
Stranger: well i've already created venjix
Stranger: and it's going to get me out of here
Stranger: along with my friends who i share a cell with
Stranger: they're twins
Stranger: they say their names are gem and gemma
You: actually
Stranger: but no one really knows their name
Stranger: all anyone calls me is K
You: Venjix has already been cured
Stranger: i don't remember my own name
You: and eradicated
You: the Ninjas are in the building hte now
Stranger: no
Stranger: venjix takes effect tomorrow
You: and my man Toshi just contacted me
Stranger: and i'll be out of here
You: he said you aren't a prisonor
Stranger: i have to go to the domed city of corinth
You: you're the ring leader
You: you're gioing to die in
Stranger: no
Stranger: who the hell is toshi?
You: 3
You: 2
You: 1
Stranger: honestly
You: Toshi
You: the guy that just killed you
Stranger: venjix might destroy the entire world
Stranger: you MUST go to the domed city of corinth
You: Toshi said there is no Venjix
Stranger: there i will be utalizing my ranger operator series
Stranger: there is
Stranger: toshi might have the ability to bond with the engine morphers
Stranger: and become a ranger operator
Stranger: but what series should he be....
You: ok
You: if you are the prisonor
You: get out now
You: the Ninjas killed all the guards
Stranger: ranger operator series blue
Stranger: I CANT
Stranger: because there's no damn ninjas
Stranger: venjix is still in the disc
You: of course there aren't ninjas
Stranger: and tomorrow i will unleash it and make my way to corinth
You: they're fucking Ninjas
You: you can't fucking see Ninjas
You: they're in the shadows and shit
Stranger: omg
Stranger: shut up
Stranger: i have the plan down
Stranger: oh no
Stranger: the experimental series gold and silver morphers
Stranger: how will i get them if venjix will be in the system?
You: Venjix is gone
Stranger: NO
You: Toshi destoryed it
Stranger: HE'S NOT
Stranger: oh no
Stranger: venjix
Stranger: it's
Stranger: it's
Stranger: alive
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
or save this log or send us feedback.

He disconnected because Toshi Killed him.

no you can't have those brain cells back
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