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Answer to the question: "What the F*ck is Starfy?"

A few days ago, Destructoid told me I could "find out what the f*ck Starfy is in New York City."

The first thought that ran through my mind after reading this post was "Starfy? What the f*ck is Starfy?" Knowing that you, my fellow Destructoid readers, must have had the same reaction, I took it upon myself for the good of the community to personally find out what the f*ck Starfy is.

I can confirm that on Saturday afternoon, as promised, the Nintendo World Store did indeed have Starfy-themed face painting as well as Starfy balloons. I would have documented this photographically but, since I was a single, creepy-looking guy armed with a huge camera wandering around a store full of kids, you're just going to have to take my word for it. As well as a photo of this pink Starfy balloon.

After a thorough, painstakingly-detailed, exhaustively-researched investigation of the event, I was finally rewarded with the answer I so desperately sought. "What the f*ck is Starfy?" you ask? I'll tell you what the f*ck Starfy is:

Starfy is my friend.
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