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DtoidSF Meetup: Sunnyvale Golfland

Hey all!

If you live in the Bay Area, and are not on the DtoidSF mailing list, first of all, SHAME ON YOU! Being on the DtoidSF google group is the best way to find out what events Dtoiders in your area have planned, such as gaming events and such. For example, this Sunday, DtoidSF is planning to meet up at the Sunnyvale Golfland in the South Bay for great arcade and minigolf times! There is much to do there, such as: Play Pop'n Music! Challenge Tactix at BlazBlue! Feast your fingers on DJ Max Technika! Beat Guttless at minigolf (he's chokes under pressure....trust me :D)

The current plan is to meet up at the Golfland around lunchtime, play games at the arcade, and then maybe head over to EarthbounderNess's place for games.

This Sunday

855 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-2937

Why the hell not?!

Hope to see you there! (and for the love of Science, join the Google Group <3)
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