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Materialistic gaming: Katamari, Mother 3 and others

(Contains major spoilers for Mother 3)

(Happpiness box seen at top right)

You may say there�s nothing wrong with being slightly materialistic, and that is true. It�s practically the American dream to start from nothing and build your way to the top eventually having all your desires comes true. Consider this though; if we take the happiness boxes in Mother 3 and replace them with video games I think we begin to see the creator�s message more clearly. Most of us would admit to being slightly interested in games more than the average person or average gamer. It seems like we always want more, perhaps it�s due to the way most games are or because of today�s culture but we are always looking forward to that next new game. Once it does get released we are satisfied until something else catches our eye or we become bored of it. This isn�t something that we need to specifically stop doing, more so I think it�s something we should think over more. Do we really need the special edition or to have a game day one? Is it bad that nearly every month there�s something else you feel you need to buy? I could never answer these questions but I hope that games like these and others like it would start taking a serious look at this semi-culture of materialistic thought that has arisen in gaming to somewhat a larger degree than other mediums.
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