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The art of leftovers (unpublished Dtoid art) Part 2 of 3

Earlier this week I posted the first of three entries of unused drawings that I've created since joining the site. And a new pic of ν-13 from BlazBlue. Today it's more of the same! So, let's kick this thing off with a new pic of ν-13.

One of the things that I try to stay away from in my drawings is using reference materials. My mind has damn near no visual memory at all. Which is to say that if I close my eyes, I probably won't remember what you're wearing and I certainly couldn't visualize your facial features in all but the vague-est sense. Because of this, I will never be able to draw a picture that actually looks like the person I'm drawing. But it also kind of frees my drawings from the restraints of reality. There are obvious exceptions, like the ν-13 from the last post, where her costume was so intricate that I really needed to lock down the look. I did a pencil sketch of the detail, then only used my sketch for reference. And I deliberately changed a couple of things. You know, for fun.

I bring this up, because in this case, I wanted to get ν-13 out of costume. I was trying to boil the character down to what really draws me to her (well, the parts that aren't how badass her metallic angel suit is). And it really is less of a physical thing. It has everything to do with her voice. Her voice has a flat, mechanical quality to it, but also an innocense. It's like she's untouched by the knowledge of a human adult, and is constantly seeing the world through fresh eyes. Like a child, almost. So, that was where I was going with it. I did a sketch at work, and intended to match her in-game outfit when I did my final piece. But, I really ended up loving the vulnerability of the clothes I had given her, so I stuck with them.

For my post celebrating Destructoid's third anniversary, I had created a shooped NES controller, configured to look like Mr. Destructoid. This was inspired by the helmet of the Destructoid robot that is carrying Sterling from my page in the Dtoid alphabet book. I wanted to see that idea in real life. I started with a sketch, and then I used textures from a picture of an actual controller and combined them over the sketch to create the final image. But I still really liked the sketch as it was. So, I colored it and hung on to it as well. A smaller version was posted in the comments for RetroforceGo!'s NES episode.

These three pieces are drawings that I've made of Carollelogram over the last two years. Sadly, we're no longer on speaking terms, and she's all but left the site. I was really proud of these so I thought I'd include them here for everyone to see. The second one is actually the first thing I had drawn when I got my tablet set up. And the third came from me asking her for an idea of something to draw. She asked if I could draw her as Battle Angel in her Motorball uniform.

This picture of Sam Fisher was meant to go along with June's Monthly Musing. The topic was regarding unfulfilled potential. That reminded me of a story arc in the first Splinter Cell game. Sam's loses contact with his daughter just as the US has been attack in multiple locations by terrorists. This just after he's learned that there's a mole in the CIA, and he now has to break into CIA headquarters (his own government's agency) to find the mole, all the while worrying about the safety of his daughter. This was the coolest thing I had ever experienced in a video game up until that point. As good as any movie, really. Until I beat the level and they explained away everything that made the situation so groundbreaking. I wanted to tie in his daughter's kidnapping to her death that kicks off the upcoming sequel. But replaying, it, I realized that I remembered it wrong. She wasn't kidnapped. The phone just disconnected because the terrorists had destroyed all military communications. Oh well.

This last picture is from another abandoned blog. This was right after the Wii's firmware upgrade 4.0. I went from having Wii with zero excess memory, to one that was relatively devoid of games. I was wanted to run a contest to fill up someone's SD card. But I ran out of cash. Damn economy. Maybe I'll get back to that someday.

I've got one more lost art blog to go which features an early concept of my alphabet page which was going to be drastically different than how it ended up. Really super neat, because I wasn't even going to draw it. So keep an eye out. And be sure to hit the gallery for full res images of today's ν-13 pic and both versions of the Destructoid NES controller.
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