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My sweet ass guitar

So, a little bit ago, Destructoid had that contest where you had to show yourself rocking out. There were a bunch of entries and the winner would be the lucky recipient of a Pepsi themed Rock Band Guitar. Only 50 to ever be made! (and by made, I mean that only 50 normal Rock Band guitars had Pepsi themed skins put on them.)

So anyways, this was my entry here:

New guitar to rock out with!
I must say, though, that I'm REALLY disappointed there was no actual Dtoid swag in the box with this. No stickers? Beanies? Condoms? My very own Destructoid Lear Jet?
Oh well, at least this baby has batteries! I am ret 2 go.

One final note for those reading. In a previous blog I mentioned some life changes I was going through and that I'm selling a good deal of my game collection. If you haven't seen that entry yet, I ask that you check it out, check out the sale thread and maybe buy some stuff.
And NO, Funktastic, I'm not selling this guitar.
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