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Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1: Impressions


Dialling back my expectations to something more within the realm of human capability, then, the game merely had to pass three tests, or trials, if you will:

1) The Trial of Not-Doing-Anything-Spectatularly-Wrong
Pass with flying colours.

2) The Trial of Being-Generally-Enjoyable-To-Play

3) The Trial of Anticipation
Basically, and this is the real test for me, after finishing chapter 1, every so often I would suddenly remember that in but another month there will be a brand new episode, then three more after that. When this pops into my head I am filled with glee and positive anticipation and that, more than anything, must mean that Telltale are doing it right.

And finally, Telltale's track record for episodic releases suggest that the best is yet to come for Tales of Monkey Island.
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