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I'm on TV, meng! Also, SF4 tournaments.

Well, I will be at least. Back in March, I went on MTV for a game show called Silent Library. I had a blast, and my episode is finally airing today at 5:30 PM (check for local times, I just know 5:30 EST for a definite). The basic premise is that 6 players are in a library, completing various humiliating challenges while trying to stay as quiet as possible.

Thats me in the back, mutton chops and unshaven. I sure do know how to dress up for these things.

Sounds stupid? Yes. Yes it does. But regardless, it's a chance to see a fellow Dtoider on TV winning some money and getting hit with things for your sick entertainment. Since I'm still technically on NDA until after the airing of the show, I can't give away the details of what exactly went down, but after the show has aired I'll be in IRC talking about some behind the scenes stuff, which is more interesting than I'm making it sound. I swear.

And on a 100% videogame related note, I've been in Newegg's online Street Fighter 4 tournament, where I made it to round 4 out of 6 using only E. Honda. My next match takes place Thursday, at 9:00 PM EST. If I complete the 6th round, I then go into a finals bracket where I'm eligible to win up to $600 in prize packs. Wish me luck! Regardless of the prizes, I'm just happy to be in a tournament. I love to compete in almost everything I do, and fighting games has recently become one of my favorite things to compete in. I've always been somewhat competitive in nature, partially due to being put down as a child. I saw it as a chance to make those who put me down look like idiots, and more often than not I'd succeed, and if not I'd come damn close to doing so.

So thats it, Destructoid. Tomorrow at 5:30 on MTV. Silent Library. Watch it and enjoy my pain for your entertainment. Then, I'll hopefully beat down someone at 9:00. Looks like I got a full night ahead of me.
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