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Speculation time!: Tatsunoko vs Capcom's new characters

If you are as happy as i am with Tatsunoko vs Capcom being released outside Japan, then your excitement must have doubled when the news broke out that five new characters would be added to the roster (2 new for each side, 1 extra for Tatsunoko as replacement for Daimaō), problem is, we still know next to nothing about these new additions, Capcom had stated that there would be an announcement soon, but since we are still waiting and getting bored while we do, how about a little speculation on the possibilities?.

Before starting to randomly shoot names I think a few basic rules should be established, the first being that there canít be more that 2 characters from a franchise (Ryu and Chun-Li from SF, Ken and Yun from Gatchaman, Doronjo and Yatterman from Yatterman implicitly define this rule), the second rule is that Capcomís roster aims to obscure characters, secondary/supporting characters or main characters that only appeared in one game, and third and final is that Tatsunokoís roster aims old anime franchises, so with the basic premises established, here are my top ideas for TvC new additions:

Nero: One of DMC4ís main characters and due to the previously established rules, way more suitable for this game than Dante, TvC would be the perfect way to give Nero a shot on the Wii outside the DMC universe, he also has plenty of moves to make him a worthy opponent.

Vergil: The perfect excuse to include Dante without including him, Vergil equals our favorite demon hunter in skill with his sword Yamatto and has badassery to spare but could get major bonus points if included with his original appearance as Nelo Angelo (unlockable skin optional).

Protoman: he easily rivals the blue bomberís popularity and given that a character as unlikely as Roll was given a chance and regular Megaman is out of the question Protoman would be the perfect addition here. Most of Megaman moves from MvC would be easily adapted and having his shield could potentially give MMís big brother an interesting set of variations like missile reflection or shield and counterattack moves.

Carlos Miyamoto: Appearing only on Final Fight 2 this skilled swordfighter and sword collector not only he fits the established rules perfectly, even more since by the rules previously set Haggar, Guy and Cody are out of the question.

Now to the Tatsunoko additions, however Iíd like to note that since there could always be copyright issues no matter what, I will not take those into consideration.

Samurai Pizza Cats: One or two characters could be added from this particular one, I believe Speedy and Polly Ester are the obvious choices; an added advantage for these two is that this anime did get some popularity in the US.

Bonta-Kun: or Sousuke Sagara in a Bonta-Kun outfit if you will, this could be the perfect weird character to replace the genie from Hakushon Daimaō, it would be a perfect and funny combination of a tame looking killing machine. Major kudos if they include Kaname Chidori (with harisen in hand) as a helper during his special moves.

Speed Racer: Yet another one with strong possibilities due to its western release, add that to the relatively popular movie adaptation and the fact that he already did show he was a good brawler in the original anime and we have a pretty decent option here.

Well, those are my ideas, anyone has any suggestions or characters i missed? post them then
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