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RumorBlog: Mech game being teased... is this a new MechWarrior? *Update*

It looks like IGN's Voodoo Extreme seems to know something, and are having a grand old time teasing the hell out of everyone about it.

With a recent news post on their site they have gone a step further by releasing a tease video featuring a foot. A big, stompy, foot.
The post also mentions in an overly excited tone the name MechWarrior. Make of that what you will.
The video comes developer Piranha games, who have worked on a few next-gen but nothing overly spectacular.

Why hello there!

Of course not much else info has been handed out, and with no official confirmations or announcements this rumor is as solid as runny pudding. This could be a tech demo, this could be a generic mech-based game, only time will tell.

Although, to add to peoples hopes, last October the Mechwarrior license changed hands from Microsoft to Smith and Tinker, a company created Jordan Weisman, who is the man who founded FASA, which is the company that created Battletech.

Joining the dots, anyone? Or just crossing your fingers, I sure as hell am.

IGN have announced they are doing an interview with Pirahna games and Jordan Weisman tomorrow to 'Explain the rumors'. I think we can guess a little safer now huh? ;)
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