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Here are MegaTen videos. They are all awesome.

Persona and/or MegaTen-related, so if you're sick of reading me gushing about it, it's best to quit looking at my blog for the next few days. If you aren't and want to make your life a little bit better, watch the videos below. They all run in the same vein as the Gurren-Lagann eyecatch videos I posted back in June, which makes them awesome. It's just amazing how many little in-jokes people can fit into a single video, but I suppose that's par for the course when it comes to otaku.

The best comes first: A Persona-fied remix of the end sequence for K-On!, the latest moe blob anime craze and massive sales driver for Fender Bass Guitars. Compare it to the original version here.

Remember those Apple commercials before they made the iPhone? There you go. Persona 3 version here.

Remix of the ending sequence for High School Girls (aka Girl's High). Reminds me of Lucky Star. Compare to the original here

Did you like that Yotsuba + P4 mashup I posted when I declared Nanako to be the best child in games evar? This helps. Persona 3 version here, though I think P4 fits it better.

This mashup of Soul Eater and Persona 4 actually made it into Weekend Japanatainment, which you should be watching more often. Yes, that means YOU. SPOILER WARNING

Whew. It's nice being super duper shallow. I now end this shallow post with two images:

Do want, but if we did the mashup properly no one would want to upgrade from Konohana-Sakuya:

It's always about Mara.
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