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Veks and Silence: Survival Mode Preview!


Hello everyone. I would like to mention that I posted this story a few days ago, but I belive that there may have been an error. This is mainly due to the fact that the original posting has received zero comments and our first post was commented on within minutes. So if this is a double posting we are sorry for clogging up the works, so feel free to flame us for being Noobs, but if not then we hope you like reading this. Since Veks and Silence is going bak into Peer Review today, i figured that I would repost this story so that people would have the chance to see it.

Veks and Silence is a 2D Side scrolling shooter for the Xbox 360. It was made using Microsoft's XNA Game Studio, and will be made available for purchase through the Xbox Live Indie Games Portal. Veks and Silence, features a full adventure mode that spans 13 levels. You can see a trailer that shows some footage of the adventure mode here

In addition to the main Adventure Mode, Veks and Silence features 11 Hardcore Survival Levels, which I want to tell you a little bit about today. I describe it as "hardcore" because these levels are for people who like to test the limits of their gaming skills. Survival Mode consist of small arena style levels that feature endless enemy, and turret spawns. The object of these levels is to get as many points as you can with a very limited amount of power ups within a confined environment. The enemy spawns in this mode are endless and will continue to produce zombies, and various other monsters until you are finally killed. When you start a game of survival you only have one life, but some levels feature One Ups that will re-spawn approximately every three minutes. You can also earn a shield power up, by destroying certain turrets in the level. Destroying the turrets is vital to prolonging your life as it momentarily clears the air of dangerous projectiles, which allows you to more easily jump over zombies. Each of the survival mode stages are based off of a corresponding Adventure level, taking interesting parts of a level and turning it into a sort of small set piece...of death.

Heres a look at a few of the survival mode levels.

Graveyard: Hole Digger

Hole Digger is build from a section of the Graveyard level. The setting is the porch of the old house that you find at the end of that level. In this Survival Stage, you will face three turrets. One one either side of the level as well as one that is perched atop the tin roof of the house. Zombies will endlessly rise from the grave in the center of the level and giant maggots will continuously spawn and try to kill you by spitting half digested zombie heads at you. One of the turrets will drop a Beer for you, when you destroy it. To see it in action check out this video of me trying not to get owned by my own creation.

In Cold Flood: Icebreaker

In Icebreaker you must face an endless flock of Radioactive Flying Zombie Sharks, continous waves of zombies and a lot turret fire. Exploding barrels have been placed on the top of the lamp posts. If you shoot them when the sharks get near, they will explode, splattering them before they can get close enough to bite you. Moving back and forth between the broken sections of highway requires you to jump over a gap that will kill you if you fall, so you have to use your double jump wisely. An unnecessary double jump might save you from falling into the freezing water below but it might also earn you a bullet to the face.

Highway of Death: Roadrage

I probably should have called this level Couch Rage, instead of Road Rage. This level is one of the harder ones. It has FOUR turrets that begin targeting you immediately. They will FILL the air with shots, making it a real struggle to stay alive for very long in this Survival Level. This is one of the harder survival levels so I'm looking forward to seeing people post videos, on YouTube of their high scores on this level. In addition to the four turrets theres a zombie span on either side of the level. Theres just no time to do anything but blast away. Another thing that makes this level hard is that the turret fire will also kill the zombies which actually provides you a tiny but of help but also takes away your chance at getting points, since you have to kill the zombies yourself if you want points for their deaths. Yes this level is cruel!

Well thats a quick look at the survival levels of the game. If you would like more information about Veks and Silence, or Edible Entertainment, Check us out at
We also have a Deviant art, profile where you can download wallpapers, and other art from the game.

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