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My First Affair

I didn�t know it then, but the following experience would be the first in many affairs that I would have in my life. I was na�ve, and didn�t think there was anything wrong in what I was doing. In the present day, with so many people on both sides of the issue, my affairs would be looked down upon, but the urge persists. I�m sorry, but here is my sad tale of my first affair.

I was living with my folks at the time in an upstairs duplex. In the bottom unit lived my cousins. I was in kindergarten. I loved Voltron, Silverhawks, and Looney Tunes. Above all else, I loved my Coleco Vision. Mouse Trap, Donkey Kong, and Turbo got hours of my playtime. But there was one that stood as the pinnacle of fun- Gorf.

And wait I did until it was my turn. Then, I got hit with a coconut and my turn was over. But that coconut did something. It made me realize there was something else out there that was better than what I had at home. My path used to be straight and narrow, and here was the first fork in the road. What was I to do?

In the coming days, I would continue to play Gorf. But it was no longer fulfilling. Something was missing. There weren�t snakes in Gorf. And there certainly weren�t any coconuts. I took every opportunity to run downstairs and play this new game. It was shinier, more exciting, and more importantly, it was new.

I had a mistress now that gave me what I needed. Gorf was old hat.

And as time went on, I would have more affairs. I would meet Sonic, Columns, and Golden Axe away from home, where the experience would be new and fresh. Ryu and Ken would have to wait a little longer as I marveled at Terry Bogard. And I stopped feeling guilty about my trysts. I do what I want to do was my new attitude. This attitude has carried on for close to three decades now, and it all began with an affair with a coconut.
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