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No more mascots

Let me take you back to the good old days of the Sega mega drive ( or genesis ) and the SNES, the days when each console had its own mascot and they were constantly compared with each other when people would wonder who would win out the the blue hedgehog Sonic and the italian plumber Mario. I myself was a sonic kid, the Sega mega drive was the first console i bought and i had all the sonic games, i watched the sonic tv show and my first bike was a blue one with sonic all over it. I had no interest for that italian guy and his mustache i was all about speed and followed sonic in everything that sega could sell to me.

So lets return to the present day where all companies have lost there balls and not one of these companies will take a direct jab at each other. I really wish that microsoft, sony and nintendo would be a little more agressive with each other, now although im not a fanboy of any one console it would certainly make good entertainment, after all this is a console "war" so why is no one treating it that way. If you asked someone from microsoft on camera today why they think there better than the rest they would probably just divert from the question and say something vague like " Microsoft brings this experience and sony and nintendo brings thier experience to the the table " and all the other companies would answer the same. If you asked this question back in the day to someone like sega they would reply with the famous line " Genesis does what Nintendont ", so what happend? since when did all the companies start being all nice about each other and respectable, THIS IS BUSINESS PEOPLE! if you dont make people believe that your the best, then people dont purchase your product and then you dont have a business. Now im not giving out advice to the companies abou how to sell a product because as we all know i think Nintendo pretty much wipes thier ass with money these days, but wheres the fire, wheres the competitive spirit, where are the MASCOTS.

Now i know what your all thinking and its probably something like Nintendo still has mario and microsoft has Master Chief and sony Kratos, but its just not the same as the Sonic vs Mario days. I wanna see kids in the street in todays world shouting " what are talking about? Link would absolutely destroy Kratos! ". But nobody cares anymore about being the best out there take Nintendo for instance, although they are known as the casaul console that makes sure that your mother and grandma get thier regular workout instead of being known as the console that brings the best gaming experience to the world THEY DONT CARE and why because they are making more money than anyone else right now. This is all well and good from a business point of view but its like they dont even care about being the best console out their. If you was to ask Reggie Fils-Aim´┐Ż why should you buy a Wii instead of the other consoles then .... well he probably wouldnt be able to answer because he would be buried in his money. My point is when the console that would be considered in third place by most people does not care they are in third place then this is not a war this is not a competition, and i believe without competition theres is less progression. I dont wanna see sony and microsoft fighting for GTA and Metal gear i wanna see both companies saying " LOOK LOOK! we have this game, they dont have this game". So this is my cry, my shout, my prayer that all these giant companies that our draining our wallets grow some balls and for once say " SUCK IT! " to each other and stop all of this nice stuff.


(Ratchet and clank) Ratchet VS Sonic (Sonic the hedgehog)
(God of war) Kratos VS Link (The legend of Zelda)
(Halo) Master Chief VS Samus (Metroid)
(Metal Gear Solid) Snake VS Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell)
(Resistance) Nathan Hale VS Marcus Phoenix (Gears of war)
(Mario Galaxy) Mario VS Sackboy (Little Big Planet)
(Infamous) Cole MacGrath VS That guy from Crackdown (Crackdown)
The Nintendo Mii's VS The Microsoft Avatars
(G.R.A.W.) Ghost Recon team VS Rainbow Six team (Rainbow Six Vegas)
(Heavenly Sword) Nariko VS Dante (Devil May Cry)
(Metal Gear) NEW Raiden Vs Nero (Devil May Cry)
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