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So I Got A Package From The Postman This Morning.


So there I was on Tuesday morning having my beauty sleep as beautiful people do, when I was rudely awakened by the postman at 9am. What could it be I wonder. So I got up and went down the stairs and...

...OH MY GOD IT'S A PACKAGE FROM ANTHONY BURCH. A reconstruction has been used as the original packaging was binned but I tell you the truth when I was shocked to see such appalling handwriting on the package. I almost thought it was from Gandysampras at first. So anyway, I opened the package to find...

...VIDEO GAMES! Only about a week after winning the contest, my prizes were here. That certainly made up for the handwriting. I almost noticed that it cost $12.50 to send the package. Even in these hard economic times, Anthony Burch still does his best to bring joy to the people. What was interesting is that the Warioland box had French parts on it. Canadian version maybe? Of course the main question is, do they actually work since they're NTSC titles?

I'm happy to report that they do! Luckily, the NTSC version of Quantum Of Solace is region free, so my 360 accepted it no problem. As for the Wii games, with a little NOT GeckoOS, both of them also worked fine.

So there we have it, 3 new games to play when I had none left that I hadn't already completed. Clearly Anthony Burch is a master of timing. I bet he got those skills from Braid. Anyway as for impressions, I've played Quantum Of Solace for a few hours now and it's actually pretty fun no thanks to the CoD4 engine. However it's criminally short. I only tried the tutorial level of Wario Land: Shake It but it seemed like a pretty decent platformer. As for Nights: Journey Of Dreams, I only put the disc in to see it worked as I'll play that and Wario Land once I've completed Quantum Of Solace. So thanks go to Anthony Burch for the games and Papa Burch for picking my shoop as the winning entry.
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