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Cooperation in Co-op? What's that?

So there you are, breathing heavily, scanning the alley in front of you, looking out for any signs of zombies. You think to yourself, �My teammates are counting on me. Don�t screw this up.� And then, something clicks. You say, �The hell with this.� You run out of the alleyway, leaving your teammates behind, where you immediately are surrounded by the undead and killed. Game over.

Another similar scenario- Playing SOCOM, teamwork and cooperation is of extreme importance to survive. So what do I do? The round starts and I rush whichever chokepoint I think the enemy is running to, usually after they have already established their position. I get dead. Amount of time elapsed before death- 15 seconds.

The two examples above illustrate my inability to play in any sort of cooperative mode, yet I still do. There is only so much Free-for-All that I can play before it gets boring. And that is where cooperative modes come in. Camaraderie, the shared experience, the sum being greater than its individual parts, all these things that people tout as positive aspects of co-op modes are simply lost on me.

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