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Whore yourself out for 4000 msft points.

So here's the deal. I was in Seattle this week and to make a long sad story very short, I "accidentally" got "drunk" and let microsoft woo, seduce, and practically assrape me - AND steal 60$ from me in the process. The sex wasn't even good, and I walked away with a lethal limp and empty wallet - and the new knowledge that points purchased in the USA do NOT work in Canada. Nevermind that my American-purchased Gold Membership does, or that msft support told me wrongfully that I can change my location (rapists AND liars!!) - the points don't work.

So. I now have 4000 points sitting here waiting to be used. They're unregistered and up for grabs - as is a one year's Gold Membership that I'm throwing in myself to make a bundle. I want to give them away to someone who TRULY DESERVES them. I was thinking about Mortal Kombat, where I get a bunch of you out into the woods and give you rusty shovels and broken baseball bats and let you cheapshot each other Battle Royale style, but I'm currently being advised to avoid lawsuits and felonies by my lawyer.

I need ideas - what sort of shit would you do for a Gold account and 4000 points? Pretty much anything goes - I'm open to all suggestions, as long as it doesn't involve too much nudity (I've had ENOUGH nudity thanks to Wilbo and his untapped potential.)

But seriously. It's not a huge prize and so it won't be a massively time consuming or talent demanding contest, but I'd like there to be SOME challenge...I just have no ideas. Otherwise I'm just gonna give this shit to Hamza. And none of you wants that...it might go to his giant, swollen, throbbing sharkhead.

haha, I said throb.
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