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Persona 3 FES Run 6/28/09 Part IV: Midterms and Astonished Onlookers

As always, scroll down to the previous posts if you want to catch up.

We didn�t make too much progress in today�s run of Persona 3. This session covered about a week and a half with midterms taking up a week of that time. Like in real life, I don�t stress too much over midterms. I usually study/learn the material enough to the point that I�ll at least do decent on tests, though I could probably do a lot better if I wasn�t distracted by video games or D&D sessions on weekends. In Persona, we studied basically every night that didn�t take place in Tartarus and we ended up scoring high on the test. As a result of our superior academia, we became popular in class and our charm increased.

All of this was going over the head of our real life Megan, who sat in on today�s session. We�re having her create some anime caricatures of Tyler and myself to incorporate into future posts of our progress. One thing that stuck out to her was her attraction to Junpei. Ignoring those comments, her mind was blown when we traversed Tartarus and entered a few battles. As soon as we started casting spells in combat, she was disturbed/amused by how the characters shoot themselves in the head to cast spells. I did notice that shooting yourself in the head in order to cast a healing a spell was a little counterproductive, but whatever works I guess.

Akihiko also joined the party after recovering from his injuries in the beginning of the game. His assistance didn�t add too much, because some tough enemies wiped us out once we reached the floors in 20s and 30s range. Luckily, we were playing on Easy, so we were given 15 Plumes of Dusk that would resurrect us if we died in combat. I�ll admit that we�re playing on Easy so we can enjoy the game.

Aside from grinding our way through Tartarus and midterms week, we didn�t do too much in improving out social links. We returned to the MMMORPG and met up with our online friend �Maya.� This chick definitely represents your typical online girl with the way she types in netspeak and makes liberal use of anime smilies. The conversation did end up in improving our social link with her. We also delved into Kenji�s situation with his teacher-girlfriend. Apparently, news of their affair spread across the school and now the teacher is being relocated to Kyushu, and Kenji is worried because she refuses to talk to him now. We assured him that everything will be okay between them and he was grateful for our comfort.

That�s about it for now, we�ll be back again sometime next week.
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