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Well, I've lurked around D-toid for a bit, I've introduced myself on the forums, and now, I figured I'd start blogging. So... yeah... first blog post... wrote the little sidebar that talks about who I am... post needs content... I know! Show off my setup!

My compy. (Yes, the tower is off-screen... you'll see it soon.) Custom-built. Reused a few parts from my old Alienware (hard drive, case, keyboard, monitor), but other than that, it's all mine! Uses a Blood-Iron P35 mobo, nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS videocard with 640 meg of video RAM, 4 gigs of RAM (damn you, 32-bit XP!), and an Core2-Duo processor. The old girl is at least a year old and she's still purring like a kitten.
Funny story, though... when I put it together, I couldn't get the damn thing to start up. I checked the motherboard book and the book for the video card, and I was absolutely flummoxed what the problem was. I told my folks, and my father called in a favor from a friend of his who was a computer technician. The problem? One RAM chip wasn't pushed in all the way. Zero insertion force socket, MY ASS! ...I just realized how dirty that sounds.

The console corner. Yep... 360 and Wii. Rock Band controller in plain sight. I don't play Rock Band much anymore, honestly, but I'm glad I still have the mic. I actually use that when I play TF2. Yes, it's uncomfortable holding my mic between my knees.

So... that's my set-up... WAIT! I forgot the most AWESOME part:

Yep... an old Nintendo store display case. I use it to hold my games, books, DVDs, Magic cards, and random doodads (like my Vault-Tec lunchbox and Bobblehead). An uncle of mine gave it to me. I will never let this thing go.
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About MowDownJoeone of us since 5:38 PM on 01.09.2009

So, what's there to know about me? I'm Dave. I'm currently unemployed. I love baseball (huge Mets fan), but I don't like sports games. I've lived a crazy life. As far as taste in games go, I'm quite varied, playing anything on my Wii, DS, or 360 except for the previous mentioned sports games. I still have my SNES, though, and happily indulge in a bit of Retro-goodness every now-and-then (mostly Earthbound, but I still also have my copies of SMRPG, Super Mario Kart, Link to the Past, and Kirby Super Star). And... that's the main things.

I'm a music nut. I have a Last.FM. Here's a sample:

...Also, I like to play Magic: the Gathering, in case the banner didn't tip you off (the faux-card in the banner was made with Magic Set Editor, by the way). Been playing for almost 7 years now, though I'm on a break from the game due to... budget reasons.

If this intro seems brief, you should try meeting me... I've been known to listen more than talk.

A fun sketch based on my name, courtesy of Fangamer's OfficeCam:

Also, I recently got into this Twitter thing... I guess follow me if you want? https://twitter.com/mowdownjoe

Even more recently, I got into making Let's Plays. Check me out here and maybe subscribe if you like what you see?
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