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This is where I do my thing.

Well, I think it's just about time some DToiders get a look at my setup. Forgive me, my room is a mess, and on top of that, I only have a cell phone to take pictures with. I cried.

First off, we have the ghetto setup. That's a storage bin, with a Guitar Hero 2 box on it for a table. I'm awesome, I know. That's also my 2 most precious items; the PS3 (Henceforth named Sexy McShigglefix), and Rudolph. Not the 360. Because that thing sounds like a jet engine. Rudolph fucking sings. It's incredible.

Not mine, but that's what it does. It's incredible.

This is the setup for my SNES, and N64 (which isn't in the picture, my mom's playing it). That's a tiiiiiny 13 inch tv. But it has a vcr, so we're cool. Also, in the background is my stereo.

This man is my hero. I don't give a shit if he isn't survivorman. He's fucking Bear Grylls.

This is where the games and accessories go. In the drawers. What? I have a closet for my clothes, i needed the space for games!

This is where I sleep. Oh, and some of my stuff. My PSP slim, and DS phat. Do note, that I have a slim psp, and a fat one. And a DS lite and DS phat. The third handheld is a Dell Axim X51, basically a pocketpc. Nifty for some weird ass indy games or emulators. I also have the Twilight Princess collectors Sword/Shield set. It's bad ass. Before you think to ask, yes. Those are pokemon sheets. And Yes. That is indeed a Zelda pillow. :]

Some more of my stuff. Gold carts for both NES Zelda's, as well as a Gold cart for Ocarina of Time, and the holographic cart for Majora's Mask. Yes, That's an ocarina. I got the Zelda sweatband at hot topic, like. 5 years ago. That's my old GBC (still works to this day), and pokemon crystal is in the back.

This is my true pride and joy right here. This is my monitor. I use it for gaming on PS3/360, and most importantly, PC. My pc's in the back, but you can see it does things very cutely. 22 inches, and I love all 22 of 'em.

Just showing some DToid love here. <3 Don't think that this is all of my stuff though. I've got a lot more, but I need to reorganize a lot before I can show it ALL off. So expect another post for that stuff whenever. :)

For the record;
XBox Live: ZServ
Steam ID: ZServ
PSN: ZServ

I'm pretty linear. And Don't worry, I don't watch tv on the 13 incher. I've got a 27 inch SD for cable tv.
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